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Mar 14

Photographers of the Boston Globe make tough showing

With snaps of both joy and terror; Boston Globe photographers snatched 1st prize in 8 of thirteen categories in Boston Press Photographers Association’s Pictures of the Year competition, and enamored best of show.

John Tlumacki topped the winners of the Globe with his coverage of Boston Marathon bombing incident. The snaps were clicked in seventeen minutes, stated Globe director of photography Bill Greene. He told that he saw the first bomb go off and instinctively ran into the smoke. His instincts and compassion were incredible.

John’s snaps got the 1st position in news picture story, spot news as well as he was also named as the Photographer of the Year. John was a part of Globe team entry that won the 1st spot for their coverage of the bombings, as well as he placed and got honorable mentions in several other categories. He won the best of show for his magnificent photograph of a 78 year old marathon runner named Bill Iffrig, who was earlier knocked down by 1st bomb at Marathon finish line.

Later John Tlumacki told that this is bittersweet. The circumstances of the people he photographed are tough. This is not about him. It is about the victims he captured.

Greene got the 1st spot in feature picture story as well as general news categories. The photographers of the Globe also won 1st prizes in pictorial category, video/multimedia category and got several other honors.

Oct 13

British photo tourist killed by elephant

A tourist from the United Kingdom – deaf in one ear – has been tramped down to death by an Indian elephant in an Indian forest. Colin Manvell, who is a keen bird watcher, is believed to be taking wildlife snaps, but when he saw the elephant, it was too late.

The sixty seven year old man suffered several internal injuries after the elephant animal trashed him with the trunk. After that the giant stomped on him. The incident took place in Masinagudi jungle in Tamil Nadu, India.

Colin Manvell is a retired geography teacher. He had travelled very extensively in this part. As soon as the incident took place, he was taken to hospital by local guide. But, he lost his life as there was no doctor there to treat him. Masinagudi forest also has a protected tiger reserve and this place is quite popular wildlife fanciers.

Colin Manvell is from Havant in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Colin went to the forest to take pictures of birds. Indian elephants can be up to eleven feet tall and can weigh up to 5 tons. The sand story was later narrated by Kumar, the Indian guide of Colin Manvell.

The guide told that Colin came late at night. As all the resorts were booked, he checked into a private home. On Thursday, after lunch, he went out on foot for taking snaps of birds near a wild elephant watering hole. He did not return by 4.15i in the evening. Then his guide follows his trail and listened to elephant trumpeting.

Jun 13

Gallery to host exhibit for wildlife festival

Rye Harbour’s Avocet Gallery is hosting their annual wildlife exhibit in association with this year’s RX Wildlife Festival. The gallery will feature woodcuts, oils as well as watercolors from Society of Wildlife Artists members along with works by Ben Woodhams, a Denmark based painter as well as Dutch basket maker Marianne van Niekirken.

Peter Greenhalf, the gallery owner, told that they were really very excited to have work coming in from all across the country and from abroad. Ben Woodhams is an English artist living and working on the island of Bornholm, who specializes in working in the field, observing and sketching from life.

He added that the wildlife event is the one time in the year when they invite artists from further afield and showcase work from those who are not based in Sussex and the quality of work from their invited artists is always high. They would also be showing the winning entrants from the RX Wildlife photography contest.

The gallery will showcase works from Yorkshire printmaker Hester Cox and oils by Brin Edwards (Suffolk) and watercolours by Richard Allen (Essex) and both of them are the members of the SWLA. The wildlife event will run from 18th May to 16th June at the Avocet Gallery.

The ninth annual RX Wildlife Festival is full with activities with wildlife theme in the Rye region that even includes a mini beast hunt, Land Rover Safari as well as the Sussex Wildlife Trust Marine Roadshow.

Mar 13

West Cork photographer gets top award

Phil Pound, a West Cork based photographer has achieved a huge success at Irish Professional Photographers Association Awards Dinner. The event recently took place at Wood Quay Venue. Phil Pound grabbed the Irish Professional Photographers Association’s 2013 Best Single Image in Wildlife for his striking picture of a gannet. Pound confronted a tough contest from many of Ireland’s well known wildlife photographers for this prestigious award.

Pound runs his very own Phil Pound Photography, which is based in Caheragh and specializes in children and family portraits, commercial photography for nature and wildlife photography as well as business and nature photography.

Speaking about wildlife photography we must also tell about Henryk Janowski who has an ingenious and awesome way to get close to his subjects – well, he swims around birds in a lake hiding under a replica of a swan. He takes most of his photographs in local swamps which has become a paradise for birds.

Taking nice pictures from shore really tough, therefore, this is the best way to take pictures without even scaring the birds away. After several failed ideas, he discovered the idea of making a floating swan which hides his body as well as supports all his camera equipment.

Now this is really easy to get close to the birds and take magnificent photographs from a close distance.

Dec 12

Bristol Museum hosts Wildlife Exhibition

Photography fanatics and nature lovers are sure to enjoy the forthcoming Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition which is scheduled to take place from 24th November and will go on till 17th February 2013.

This time, the competition falls into its 48th year. The event is actually an internal showcase with top nature snaps. The contest is arranged by the BBC Worldwide and Natural History Museum – the two institutions that boast themselves on championing and revealing the diversity of life on earth. Since 2009, Veolia Environnement has sponsored the contest.

Every year, the contest gets thousands and thousands of entries that are judged by a jury of photography experts. Most of the honors are taken by professionals but amateurs also win at times. There are also 3 categories for young photographers; one is under 10, second one is 11 to 14 years and the third one is 15 to 17 years.

The winners of this year were revealed in October and their work is on display at Natural History Museum at present and before that the exhibition’s United Kingdom starts in Bristol.

The event features hundred winning snaps, selected from a record number of entries from 28 different countries. The snaps celebrate the splendor and drama of the natural world what they describe as creative, astonishing and sometimes humorous.

Generally entry is free, but a donation of £2 is requested. The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery opens at 10 am everyday.

Sep 12

Popular Photography Digital Days Photo Tips – Taking better pictures using Color & White Balance

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Jul 12

Taking Photos at Weddings

A decade ago a photographer would not have dreamt of giving the clients a CD with their new photos. They just delivered a nice album and if you wanted more copies you had to ordered them from the Studio in question.

In our new age of digitalization, we have access to photos on the Net, Facebook, and Social Media in general, but let’s not forget about Copyrights.

Create with a Lawyer or Paralegal the necessary documentation, contractual, to be signed by your clients. In it should be a clear explanation of your rights and theirs, as well as a foot note on the consequences of infringing on copyright laws.


Tom from Sandhole Oak Barn wedding photographers has these tips:
First of all, behave professionally even if the cake happens to be your favorite type, do not set yourself in-line for a plate!

Capture all the images you can. Shoot and shoot and shoot to everyone and everything that moves. Later on you will be able to sort out your firing.

Composition is a major element of your pictures. People and objects, like the cake, cannot have messy backgrounds. Do not include the photo of Great uncle dancing with Barbie just because is a great profile of the bride at the right corner….

Sometimes an Event Manager or Event Coordinator will be available to help you out with large groups of people. Let them to say any word except “cheese please” or to place the tip of their tongues against the back of the front teeth. Just let them be natural, and don’t fall of your ladder, yes, you should have a ladder.

Jun 12

Popular Photography Digital Days Photo Tips – Taking better pictures using Light

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Jun 12

Chase Jarvis TECH: Complete Workflow for Photo and Video

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Jun 12

Episode 4 , DIY Photo Studio Lighting Video

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