Strobist technique Sunset flash photography

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  1. your gona have to try and make more sense as that sentence was 2 things in one. I think if you change the word ‘Recycling’ to ‘is making’ would make more sense

    but why would a camera warn me of over exposure? what If i want to over expose my images?

  2. Gareth Partington

    isn’t the beeping your flash recycling not warning you of over exposure?

  3. good stuff

  4. Nice work Dom… many thanks for this.

  5. Exactly

  6. He’s more less showing you how you can use different ways to get the effect you want. DUH!

  7. “What’s that? Dom’s a loser.” “Thank you, Kim.”

    That was great! 🙂

  8. Hdr with the flash would look way better

  9. I really like the second photo

  10. Good Stuff, I love these proper demos where you insert the actual stills as you change the settings

  11. haha, as i thought, i’m saying this for your own good but you just cant stand to watch some kid telling you good things, but okay 🙂 your choice

  12. ha ha @ wideon !

  13. Love the interaction with Kim. 😉 You should do more of these and have her in them more. Very entertaining and informative.

  14. great video Dom.

  15. Poor Kim you tell him Lass 🙂 well done film crew 🙂

  16. Nice video. Thanks for sharing !

  17. If he wanted to talk about composition, he would have said so in the title. Learn…dont be so eager to judge.

  18. Punch up the sky?
    Use a -1 CPL and up the flash power by +1!
    Scary how that works!

  19. totally.

  20. man, you dont know basic rules of composition, rule of thirds, not leaving huge space over models head… i dont say you should always use them, but this is just really bad :S

  21. GeneEdgarPhotography

    they make things 10x easier but they aren’t needed.

  22. great job as always mr dom

  23. it wasn’t a fashion shoot, he was out with his gf. If the word didn’t come to his mind does not mean he is not professional. btw professional means he gets paid not that he is good. (and I think he is good also)

  24. “negative number thing” .. really professional…

  25. Austyn Cunningham

    1/20,000th of a second!!! What camera do you have?