Rob Grimm Interview: Product, Food, & Beverage Photography Pt. 2

Photography Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. Product Photo Canada

    Great interview! Such an inspiration. Good job!

  2. Thanks a lot for both parts of this interview, it was very well done. A lot
    of Rob’s work is very inspirational. I had not known Rob before but he is
    very down to earth, no arrogance attached and gets my total respect.

  3. Thank you Rob Grimm. Your impressive work definitely reflects your
    personal brilliance. Thank you for sharing your insights and processes.

  4. You look like iron man

  5. Howard Lebowitz

    A great interview with Rob Grimm. He explains how he shot soft serve yogurt
    and other hard to capture products:

    Here is part 1

  6. really cool!

  7. This is amazing, thank you both for the inspiration!

  8. smilingbudda2007

    “the technology changes the tools change” great comment. Fantastic series
    of interviews.

  9. very good

  10. Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting interview.

  11. oh my gosh, I’m so hungry now! Amazing interview!

  12. What size portfolio do you use for maximum impact? Is this the 11×14 of 11
    x 17 one?

  13. Nice video:D i saw the grolsch bottle at 24:18:P the grolsch brewery is
    just a couple of kilometres from where i live in the netherlands 🙂

  14. Is part one on youtube?