Photographer’s speak about Peter Lik’s fine-art photography

An Aussie photographer, who appears like Crocodile Dundee and depicts himself as an important artist of the twenty-first, has once again ignited a debate about photography as art after he sold the image of a canyon for £4 million, which is a record.

Peter Lik’s 4 spots in the list of the twenty most expensive snaps sold make him the darkroom Picasso. But after the fine art photographer got to the top with Phantom, a monochrome Arizona landscape, earlier this week critics have responded variously with bafflement and anger.

A leading news website has stated that week known Brit photographer Martin Parr told that he had never neared of him. It is quite astonishing. He has looked at his work recently and though he is a very good commercial photographer who could take pictures people like, he has no standing whatever in the fine-art world that I belong to.

On Tuesday, the sale in sin city Las Vegas included 2 other Peter’s pictures purchased by the same anonymous collector, who was guaranteed for by a law firm, for a sum of US$ 10 million (i.e. £6.4 million). The photographer came to the United States thirty years ago, came in Top-20 in the year 2010 when he sold One, which is a picture of a man in snow by a river and that was for US$ 1 million.

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