Neewer Slave Flash Review

Photography Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. can you unmount the flash from the female hotshoe? because for some reason mine one is stuck and i dont know how to unmount it

  2. annalovesdavid

    I tried that, but I couldn’t get it off.

  3. annalovesdavid

    I have the same problem. It WONT come off. I’ve tried everything!

  4. I was finally able to remove the flash from the camera bar mount shoe. I used a small knife and worked at opening the slot until it created enough space to remove the flash. I then used a Dremel tool to reduce the black plastic from the front of the hold. Now the flash goes on and off easily. Hope this helps.

  5. trashcanalive

    I have exactly the same problem. The retaining pin on the base of the flash is too long and not rounded enough, and the corresponding socket in the hotshoe is too deep. There is no way the hotshoe will come off again. I’m sending mine back.

  6. I tried to remove it several more times with a lot of force. No go. Were you able to remove yours? Looking closely at the design (I have two) I can see why it can’t be removed. Thanks for your response though.

  7. TrailsEndFreelance

    It might be a little tight, but it should slide right back off.

  8. Because of your review I purchased these flashes. I am quite pleased with their performance at the bargain price. I do have a problem however. I put the flash on the camera bar mount shoe and now I can’t remove it. Am I missing something or is this a permanent installation?

  9. TrailsEndFreelance

    Actually it is not bad at all. Thanks for watching.

  10. Is this powerful at all?

  11. going to buy one of these got an sx130is and the flash is not very good, great review

  12. where did u buy it from can you send me a link

  13. GingerSnapsPhoto

    how do you adjust its power output?

  14. TrailsEndFreelance

    The camera in the video is a Nikon Coolpix L18. It does have a built in flash.

  15. In this video the i noticed the camera didn’t have the built-in flash but how was it able to trigger the external flash?

  16. how could someoen tell em if i was to use a wired remote does it have a socket for it if not what do i need to do ?

  17. basikaltuamuda

    cool review

  18. AstarothDeathSquirre

    Thank you.

  19. freestylefilmsinc

    yeah you can use remotes and it shoots about 15 foot of distance on iso 400

  20. TrailsEndFreelance

    It will work as long as the slave flash can “pick up” the light from your camera flash.

  21. hometechpressure


  22. TrailsEndFreelance

    Wow, I guess it has been a while since this review. Yes, it still works great. No change in my opinion at this point. It really is a great “low end” device.

  23. i like when people review stuffs on youtube… very informative…… is it durable though??? its been year since video… is it still working??? any change in view??

  24. AstarothDeathSquirre

    Considering that this unit is about £50-£150 cheaper than some of the other flash guns on the market, how well does it actually throw light? I’m interested in getting a couple for outdoor shots and really want to know if it can put out enough power to shoot through an umbrella. It would be a waste of money if it is too weak that it needs to sit on top of the subject. Also, can it fire from the hotshoe itself? It would be handy to be able to use remotes to fire them. Good review, many thanks

  25. These are also sold under the brand name “Godox”