Introduction to camera flash with Mike Browne

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  1. Great vid, thanks. Poor girl!

  2. shes not bad either

  3. Excellent Video! really helpful! :D

  4. Very helpful videos mate!! Thanks and keep up the great work.

  5. Thank u v helpfully and enjoyed 🙂

  6. Excellent video, easy to understand!

  7. Thank you so much! Now I know how to use a flash and how to lure a model into getting wet 😉


  9. sexy.

  10. This helped so much! Thank you!!!

  11. fun to watch, you guys are great

  12. Lovely video, thanks for a wonderful tutorial.
    Wish I had you as a teacher at Uni (:

  13. JAJAJAJAAJJAAJ funny fat photoman! nice video!

  14. this was a great video .. i was wondering what type of camara would be good for like partys and people .. and not too expensive 🙂

  15. davekinda2000

    great video , good old english humour ,,,,,,,and by the way the model was well hot,,,

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    Just awsome……….

  17. Most funny tutorial!!! Kisses from Spain and thank you for helpful videos ;D

  18. perfect illustration.

  19. Wonderful . Loved the last part 🙂 Cow ……..

  20. this was really helpful, keep it up!

  21. Using water to explain light… what a great idea!!!! nice job on the video

  22. Perfect visualization of the way light works, plus it never hurts your viewer feedback to get a pretty girl get wet 😉

  23. great video!!:)

  24. very good explanation =) thanks alot

  25. I love this video , I am fixing to buy me a canon sx 30 is camera and i think that i can put an extra flash but I didn’t know way I needed that flash for.
    this video help me to understand and it was real funny

    God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!