High key photography anywhwere (flash photography tips)

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  1. wow… thanks

  2. Dom, do you shoot in TTL (iTTL) or Manual mode? I stopped using the creative lighting system in favor of 100% manual mode on everything, but I’m not sure if that has made it harder on myself or not. I found my CLS shots were overexposing on the skin in aperture priority mode and now I’ve solved that by shooting in manual mode. Thoughts?

  3. BonusVideoView

    Very nice! Helpful photo info. Please subscribe to my channel for more great tips and videos.

  4. TheFivePercenters

    How do we get this effect with one flash? If that’s even possible. We all know that flashes aren’t cheap.

  5. great vid!

  6. criticaltinker


  7. Is the pop up firing? Does it have to fire to trigger the other externals?
    Can you link me to the page on how that works?

  8. Have a look at the Nissin or Metz flashes that are compatible with Nikon or Canon wireless systems.

  9. You’d still need to light the backdrop for it to overexpose and appear white, otherwise it would turn out grey (and have Verity’s shadow on it).

  10. MercurialSound

    I don’t think he is trying to mimic a studio shoot. In a studio scenario you would be working with a white background – not a messy background. To blow out the mess – the background is probably 3 stops over the exposure for the subject (any less and the mess would be visible). In a studio scenario – your background would typically be 1 stop over the subject – to avoid any “bleed”.

  11. you really need to use punctuation. so there are 3 flashes?

  12. BloodlustBlackout

    So you need 3 Flashguns, would probably be cheaper to buy a white backdrop

  13. Yo Funny D you and I were once those guys that said, NO to Flash as well as auto, now I’m shooting in Ap Pri and Shut Pri and surely I’ll be playig more with program soon as well and yes I am into speeds bigtime now as well. Nice work ! Cheers!

  14. this guy is a beast

  15. Did you use a light meter at all before you start filming?

  16. kasperlaerkesen

    Dom, this is pretty good for, as you said, shooting high key anywhere. I find however, that blowing out the background completely to mimick a studio shoot brings its own issues to the table. If i can’t get enough distance to the background, the power from the back lights bleed onto the subject. as is evident especially in Verity’s hair. Any ideas how to fix this?

  17. @kaggaro…..the umbrella? just in case it rains inside the studio. as you said, you saw flashing from inside the umbrella? those are actually lightnings, keep on watching, be patient, rain drops you will see………..

  18. EnglishwithJohn

    Works GREAT!! Thanks for the tip.

  19. Dombowerphoto

    the umbrella is just an umbrella the flash is pointed into the umbrella and the light bounces out of it

  20. does the umbrella have a light inside or is that just bouncing back the light from the 2 speedlights?

  21. Thanks for the info tutorial i just subscribed

  22. ArcanePath360

    Fantastic tip!

  23. I love high-key style! Just recently used it in my new video… Von Vonni Fashion

  24. christian2182

    Excellent! what was your camera settings???

  25. impressive! I have learn so much with your video techniques and feel relieve to know you can use only speed lights to make such beautiful work.
    Thank you so much Dom.