Digital Photography Flash Tutorial

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  1. daviddavid999999

    Your´╗┐ hair is covering the litle flash ­čśÇ

  2. Your fro acts´╗┐ like a bounce card when you uwse the pop up flash!!! AWESOME!!XD

  3. nice done jared! thank you!

  4. Forever Alone !´╗┐

  5. Did you use´╗┐ the flash at its full power?

  6. This video is great!´╗┐ I was always shooting at a higher shutter speed when using my pop up flash. No wonder I wasn’t happy with my images. Thanks Fro!

  7. swaggalikeriz

    No he was´╗┐ part of LMFAO!

  8. Hickeydog2365

    Dude. ´╗┐ Your fro scares me.

  9. Did you go to photography/film school or anything´╗┐ like that?

  10. What’s a good rule of thumb when manually setting your ISO and´╗┐ shutter speed? How do you know what setting to use?

  11. What kind of lens are´╗┐ you using to shoot this video?

  12. cool Subject, I am new to digital Been doing film as a hobbiest for years. Comparing Film ISO to Digital ISO, Where´╗┐ do we start running into noise and does it effect our enlargements.
    oh By the way thanks. I ve learned a lot from you video’s you doa great job!!!

  13. ChoiceDesign67

    suggestion – when comparing two shot do a side by side and leave them up while´╗┐ you talk – Thanks, Love your vids.

  14. you have a sick house! also,´╗┐ im jealous that your white and have an afro:(

  15. s3cr3tpassword

    this guy is just awesome. the fro really´╗┐ tops it off too. ­čśÇ

  16. You can bounce the flash´╗┐ with your afro

  17. great video about flash. Do you´╗┐ have any more?


  18. armoniaContrapuesta

    There should be a “Jared”´╗┐ mode in my Nikon ­čśë

  19. I just tested it´╗┐ out. It makes a significant differents. Great tip, Thanx.

  20. 3:14 – 3:16 genie´╗┐ style

  21. robby2hollywood

    hope we could have less talk and more´╗┐ photos.

  22. Thanks Jared. Great video, kept´╗┐ it interesting and right to the point. I was wondering does this same method apply to external flash as well? i.e using flash gun?

  23. If you drop the stupid voice emphasis, these vids´╗┐ would be much easier to watch.

  24. does this work with rear curtain sync too?

  25. It’s like you’re talking with my soul. Thanks for these´╗┐ videos. Thanks for going over every point at least 2 or 3 times, because I have trouble getting info to stick.