Cross Flash, Sunny day flash photography tip

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  1. Hey Dom,
    Good videos mate! I tend to use High Speed Sync a lot when working with flash guns and I push up the shutter speed to drain out the ambient light for 2 reasons:
    1 You’ve then got creative control over depth of field
    2 The flash doesn’t need to use as much power and the refresh rate is quicker(because of less power).

    Just thought it might be worth you mentioning this in a video response.

  2. dom, this is an awesome video. ive been struggling for a while and this has just made so much sense its unreal. thanks you very much


  3. You’re such a great help! 😀

  4. Dombowerphoto

    thank you.

  5. This is right on!

  6. look forward to this video…

  7. you will also need to then give your flash positive exposure compensation if you are giving your camera negative compensation

  8. BuffoonCinema

    I like this dude!

  9. @Dombowerphoto I was wondering, can we control the ambient light by adjusting the exposure compensation while using the TTL?

  10. thanks dom!

  11. Awesome Mr. Dom. Thanks!

  12. thank you so much

  13. Dombowerphoto

    ok will do

  14. Dombowerphoto


  15. Did the LCD display on the flash read ‘OMG WTF’ when it was confused?

  16. 023crouchy777

    hey dom, in this vid you mention centre wieghted metering i was wondering if you would consider making a vid explaining the diffrence between evaluative, centre wieghted and spot metering and what situations suit what setting. anyway keep up the good work you genuinely kick arse.

  17. martenfisher1

    Dom Bower is my hero!Can’t wait for the book.

  18. martenfisher1

    That is funny!

  19. Weird I shot this cross flash shot last night lol -24 mm, f/18.0, exp 1/200, ISO 100 

  20. verry helpful tipps 🙂
    thank you

  21. FinlandApollo

    Yeah, and those 10 Stop filters makes focusing hard and camera won’t exposure right, to me it gives some 1/250 second but to get proper exposure was 5s. But those are bad ass filters, I have one, I love to use it when I shoot rivers and waterfalls or other long exposure pics.

  22. Dombowerphoto

    have done in the past but will make new HD version of how tha auto fp works (what should i name the video?)

  23. Dombowerphoto

    thought i said that at the end?  if not then, yes you are kinda right but to be totally correct you would have to say “ISO affects the Exposure we get from the flash” as iso is not actually changing anything on the flash

  24. Dombowerphoto

    spot on. massive drop in power when going into auto fp mode (I did a video on it and it is much more beneficial using aperture than going to auto fp in terms of power output from the flash

  25. Dombowerphoto

    yep nd filter will work well, y ou can get some bad ass ones which are 10 stops! but not cheap