Creative Flash Portrait Photography, Tutorials and Ideas by Dom Bower

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  1. I uselly don’t write comments on youtube but when I do it’s a really good video!

  2. BonusVideoView

    Nicely done! Very helpful. Please subscribe to my channel for more useful videos and tips.

  3. SuperDrumbanger

    Hi great amounts of usefull information thanks…what flash units do you use and how much are they…cheers

  4. What a great, cut to the chase tutorial!

  5. Awesome video as usual now time to practise

  6. Interesting video. Please, for the love of God, hire a model. Or keep your shirt on.

  7. Mate you’re a legend! Keep the vids coming. peace

  8. interesting and….. creative!

  9. Hey Dom. Cool video. What are good apertures and shutter speeds for this type of low key flash portraits? Thanks for your time!

  10. What settings do you have ur camera on to get that effect?

  11. wow, you are so hot. yummy! 🙂

  12. silly question how did you make your sb900 menu blue?

  13. @valentinwb crazy thing is i made one of these last week. got it in the line to put on youtube thisweek, but it will be on the new channel dombowerphoto.

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  16. You can kill the ambient indoors just by setting the camera to MANUAL mode and setting your shutter speed to 1/200 of a second or so. At 100ISO that should make it pretty much black, with the exception of any direct sunlight or windows in the shot.

  17. You would need either a set of radio triggers or a Canon ST-E2 flash controller if you wanted to keep E-TTL metering. Or you could even get a long E-TTL cable (flashzebra sell them up to 7 metres!).

  18. Sounds like line of sight problems. Indoors this isn’t so much of a problem as the signal from the controller bounces around off of the walls etc, but outside you can times when the slaves can;t see the signal. One tip is to make sure if you can that the slave “eye” on the flash is facing the controller flash. On Nikon flashes this is the small dark plastic “window” above the battery door, NOT on the front of the flash (like Canon flashes)/

  19. Best radio triggers on a budget are probably the Young Nuo RF-602 triggers. I got mine from cotswoldphoto on ebay. As for stands you can pick up a cheap stand from Amazon for about a tenner (by konig) Not the best stand in the world but for a tenner you can’t go wrong, certainly enough to start. Add a brolly adapter (cotswoldphoto again) and a couple of cheap brolly’s from ebay and you’re set.

  20. Hello Dom.I love your vids.I have nikon D90 and SB 900,and I would like to make some pics to look like yours,but every time it’s too bright.How can I get pic to be dark behind me?What should I change on my sb or nik? Help me.Thanks Dom.

  21. So you just felt like not wearing a shirt?

  22. hurrikanesolutions

    Great videos really enjoyed and learned a lot. My question is what camera settings were you using to really get the “blank” or dark backgrounds. Clearly there was ambient light in the room so I am interested to know why that doesn’t show in any of these examples.

  23. real cool

  24. I have a canon 50D and a 430ex speedlight, can i use this as a slave flash or do i need a trigger and a receiver?

  25. I luv u mr.bower!