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Apr 15

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media

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Apr 15

Stories told in monochrome at NSW photography exhibition

The very first photographs of aboriginal Aussies were formal, posed portraits, clicked in blazing sunlight. Often, the sitters are pictured leaning against each other with eyes turned to the camera as well as bodies wrapped in kangaroo skins or blankets. Some wore necklaces or headdresses that might or might not have belonged to them.

Judy Kinnear, the curator of The photograph and Australia, a brand new photography exhibit at Art Gallery of New South Wales, said that Indigenous Australians accorded to be photographed out of curiosity, or probably for food.

He added that earlier, it was considered that these kinds of early snaps were indicative of the colonial gaze. But now there is a whole lot of research going on into how these early snaps were made. The local people, often, would have been asked to come into a studio and they were paid. They would have been dressed up and told what to do.

The assemblage of nineteenth century snaps brought together in The photograph and Australia exhibit indigenous people in formal group photographs or as exotic subjects. They are clicked alongside all the early settlers, working as holding tools or stockmen. Continue reading →

Mar 15

First Beat and Music Photography Video

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Feb 15

EMILY GOODEMOOT PHOTOGRAPHY – Video {10 Yr Wedding Anniversary} Sunstrums

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Feb 15

Gulf Photo Plus Gallery arranges Photography Exhibit centered on Cadillac ATS Coupe

Well, to add to the delight of art lovers, a photography exhibit featuring the works of well known fashion photographer Andrea Belluso will take place on 4th February, at the Al Serkal Avenue’s Gulf Photo Plus Gallery, Dubai, 7 pm to 10 pm. The snaps on exhibit are all set to describe the Cadillac ATS Coupe 2015 in several beautiful natural scenes.

Belluso, a well known Italian photographer with over thirty years of artistic experience, attracted inspiration from Cadillac ATS’s cutting-edge design as well as radical shape for shoot. Andrea’s artistic oeuvre generally digs into the world of fashion.

Regional Brand Manager of Cadillac, GM Middle East, Nadim Ghrayeb told that this is not every day that a well known international artist like Andrea Belluso is available in this type of market to put together such a great body of work. Therefore, it was only befitting that new ATS Coupe with the engaging performance, technology and design serve as creative inspiration to Andrea. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Rob Grimm Interview: Product, Food, & Beverage Photography Pt. 2

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Dec 14

Weird Trick Photography Video Tutorials

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Dec 14

Photographer’s speak about Peter Lik’s fine-art photography

An Aussie photographer, who appears like Crocodile Dundee and depicts himself as an important artist of the twenty-first, has once again ignited a debate about photography as art after he sold the image of a canyon for £4 million, which is a record.

Peter Lik’s 4 spots in the list of the twenty most expensive snaps sold make him the darkroom Picasso. But after the fine art photographer got to the top with Phantom, a monochrome Arizona landscape, earlier this week critics have responded variously with bafflement and anger.

A leading news website has stated that week known Brit photographer Martin Parr told that he had never neared of him. It is quite astonishing. He has looked at his work recently and though he is a very good commercial photographer who could take pictures people like, he has no standing whatever in the fine-art world that I belong to.

On Tuesday, the sale in sin city Las Vegas included 2 other Peter’s pictures purchased by the same anonymous collector, who was guaranteed for by a law firm, for a sum of US$ 10 million (i.e. £6.4 million). The photographer came to the United States thirty years ago, came in Top-20 in the year 2010 when he sold One, which is a picture of a man in snow by a river and that was for US$ 1 million.

Dec 14

shamim photography- video folio

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